World Class Log Homes

Pioneer Log Homes handcrafts each world class cedar log home to perfection to ensure your new home withstands the test of time. With only the highest quality in mind, we carefully construct our log homes with distinct artistry and personality.

Each and every log used to build our custom Pioneer Log Home is seasoned and air dried to help control shrinking and checking. This process helps us create custom log homes that need very little adjustment and maintenance.

The logs or timbers and roof system are then placed strategically into your custom design at our log building facilities. The joinery is a true work of art, finished with an age-old European process.

Constructed in Canada

The preliminary construction of Pioneer Log Homes’ log shell package is performed on one of the company sites in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. For additional effect, the log ends are carved in Alaskan finish, smooth-faced Yukon finish, or gentle scrolled timber arches.

Once every detail is honed to perfection and the log-only structure is complete, each log is tagged, numbered, and transported directly to your building site. Every log is then reassembled along with the finishing touches to re-erect your dream home.

Our logs are hand-peeled at our building sites using a drawknife, all of the corner notches are hand-polished, and all of the logs are dimensioned and fitted precisely for the best performance and character.

Pioneer Log Homes UK can provide a comprehensive service from finding your plot to handing over the keys. Full planning application and engineering is carried out to make the build process as smooth as possible for you.


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