Pioneer Log Homes UK Ltd (PLHUK) was established in 2003 by Marcus Munro, and whilst operating independently, it is an offshoot of long established Canadian business Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia.

Marcus set up the UK business with the encouragement and support of his friend Bryan Reid, the founder and company president of the British Columbia business. The two men met some years ago when Marcus visited America, and have stayed in touch since.

Timber for the Pioneer log homes is handcrafted in British Columbia and shipped over to the UK in containers. Clients can choose their own tradesmen to build the homes or can utilise suitable contractors recommended by Pioneer Log Homes UK Ltd. The preferred course of action is that general contractors lay the foundations to PLHUK's specification, and the foundation and finishing joinery is carried out by a local contractor.

Marcus tells how the business began in Canada "Bryan's family originated from Scotland and emigrated to Canada during the clearances. They arrived in the New World with nothing. One of the reasons he called the company Pioneer Log Homes when he set it up in 1973 was because of his family's pioneering spirit." He added: "Bryan tells an interesting story of how he started up the business. The first log home he built was for his own family. They were on the point of moving in, and Bryan was putting the last few screws into the decking, when an American pulled up and offered to buy the house. "Bryan accepted the offer and his wife returned from a shopping trip to be told the house had been sold and the family were no longer moving in! Pioneer Log Homes started from there and just grew and grew. It's now a multinational company”. Although North America is the main market, Pioneer log homes have been built in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and Australia, with UK and Ireland now a welcome addition to this list.

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